Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Nesting and Resting

I figured I needed to give this a quick update since it has been a while. What a summer it has been! Time has been ticking away, but everything is going as wonderful as ever.

I've been in this nesting stage of the pregnancy to where my body needs me to organize and keep everything cleaned up. I love the feeling of accomplishment every day as I complete a project. Even though I am not getting ready for babies to be welcomed into my home, I am enjoying this extra push nonetheless.

My days are usually filled with doing my chores in the morning for a few hours then taking a little nap in the afternoon. I try to get away without sleeping in the day, but I just end up crashing too early at night. This routine is working out well, though... I can't complain too much. The babies sure aren't complaining either so that is good.

The babies have been growing as they should, everything with them is perfect. We are all so thankful for that. The Smiths have been amazing, I love them so much -- they are always so caring and thoughtful. It is great to see them during our monthly ultrasounds, and A was able to come over for an OB appointment this month too! It sure is nice to visit and have them near. I know that the babies can hear surroundings now and every chance that they get to hear mommy and daddy is good for them.

It has been a short summer, but I feel we have used it up nicely. We've had some mini-cations around Oregon and Washington, we've been out camping, swimming, and exploring. Andrew has really enjoyed his break from school with reading, cub scouts, and will be doing a basketball camp for the last week of break. It has been eventful, but at a slow pace.

There's not much else to report -- just taking it easy, hoping to keep these two little sweeties inside til December 2nd. :)