Tuesday, June 22, 2010


I didn't realize that my little break from blogging would make it so hard to start up again. My new routines are hard to break, but I do love to blog, so here I am.

Jay's at school, Andrew's outside playing with his friends, and Jensen and I have been getting our house ready for visitors tomorrow. We hardly ever have company so these rare occasions are so much fun. My cousin Melissa is in Oregon from Iowa. I have not seen her since I was little, little -- maybe 10. It sure will be nice to have her and her two little ones visit. We will go to the zoo and find other fun things to do in the city. She has a son who is 7.5, Andrew is 8. And her daughter is 2.5, Jensen is 3. I know they will all have a blast together.

The babies are both doing very well. They are developing and growing as they should. We have a busy pregnancy full of appointments, but it is a relief to be closely monitored by professionals. It is nice to know that we are all in good hands with all the many possibilities of complications.

Jensen has been so sweet with the babies; we are really trying to make her understand that they are not our babies. I thought that she would be the type to not want or be good at being a big sister, but she has truly surprised me. She is always kissing my stomach, patting it, saying 'hi babies, I love you babies'. The other day when we picked her up from school she asked if the babies were out yet. It is so cute how little girls instinctively know how to mother.

Instead of bringing home babies, we are going to bring home a baby puppy. I want one of those cute, fuzzy, tiny-never-grow-up dogs like this, a Pomeranian:

Jay has never agreed to let us get one because he is afraid to crush the 'football'. Now that we will need to fill a baby void, he has agreed! He has even mentioned buying all the little pink accessories and clothes for her also. (I want a girl named Layla) :)) It sure is nice to have his support.

I'll be back to post again soon. I have set my mind to not let this go anymore. After all, I have plenty of time for it. :)

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

I'm Back!

What a break from blogging that was! I just had so much going on that I couldn't find that perfect moment to write here. My studies kept me busy and tired, but now that I am out for summer time has been nice.

Everything is progressing well with the pregnancy. We past the 12 week mark last week and tomorrow we will be at 13. It is weird... most of the time I don't even feel pregnant. I know this feeling won't last much longer as I keep expanding outward. ;)

Actually, there's nothing new going on -- I guess that is a good thing. We've been taking it easy, allowing the weeks to pass by.

We've been keeping up with the Basketball Finals. Jay wants the Celtics to win, I am cheering for the Lakers. I can't get past my west coast roots. :) It is so intense to watch the games... we get into them.