Friday, April 9, 2010

Busy Day

I was at school all day with women's studies, math, and an appointment with the advisor. I am not sure what happened to my brain last week, but I totally forgot about part of an assignment that was due this morning. I never do that so it really set my day off. It all turned out okay, though, was able to turn it in during lab later in the afternoon.

My hips have been super sore lately from the injections and the meds have me severely bloated, but the heating pad has helped immensely. The hubs is having too much fun giving me the shots though, he really enjoys two shot Thursdays and Sundays. It is strange coming from him since he was terrified at the beginning of all this. Kinda spooky ;)

Friday nights aren't too fun with Jay being in class until 10, but the kids and I have been playing games and watching the Chipmunks to pass the time. I love Saturday mornings because that is our day to sleep in.

My dreams have been crazy. I was talking to my friend Jennifer about dreams and how it is hard to determine if they are from thinking so much about something or if they are guidance into what is going to happen eventually down the road.

I wish blogspot had an app for the iPhone, I would be able to post in my blog while I am on Max..... all the time. Maybe it is a good thing that it doesn't :p

It has been 4 days since the transfer and as Tom Petty says, "the waiiiiiting is the hardest part". Wedensday can't come fast enough!

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