Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Writings, readings, math exam, and a breakdown...

Where to begin after such an eventful week when it is only Wednesday? Monday started out great, I was able to sleep in, we went out for a walk, had a nice lunch, but then I went to math class and it was all downhill from there.

First, my stats professor was grouchy and unorganized so the whole period was aggravating. Then, my hubby was supposed to be there at 3 to pick me up, but he didn't show up. While waiting for him I decided to go to the computer lab to print out my Friday readings, but the computers were unavailable. So I figured I would go to Starbucks to get a vanilla bean frapachino to enjoy. But the PSU Starbucks does not make frapachinos .... that was the end of it.... I walked away calmly and started crying. I must admit that I have been pretty good; this was my first crying fit since starting the meds at the beginning of March. Pregnancy hormones are great! I have to point out that I did not cry because I couldn't have my drink, that was just the cherry on top of the horrible luck I was having. ;)

This week has been insane with the amount of homework I've had to do. I had two papers, 4 thick packets of readings, and I have a stats mid-term on Friday to study for. I've been able to get the papers and some readings out of the way, but I still need to study and read a bit more. I'm much more relieved now than I was earlier this week. I have been successful in keeping my stress level low so that's good. :)

I went to an induction ceremony last night at school to be inducted into Tau Sigma National Honor Society. It was nice to hang out and have my family there. It was especially meaningful to have my kids there to see my academic success.

One more thing is added to the list of sickness triggers: milk! Strange because I craved milk when I was pregnant with Andrew and Jensen. I did have a craving the other day for turkey and stuffing, super strange, right? I was able to find a micro-meal to satisfy the craving thankfully. I wasn't too excited about cooking a whole turkey this time of year.

ORM told me on Friday to start lowering my injection doses, but I was questioning it because it was a different lady that called. The RE that works with us called Monday to say that I am to stay on my regular doses. No such luck weaning me down from them for at least another month. She also told me that my thyroid is not producing enough which she suspected would be the case because the pregnancy is taking away what my thyroid medication was making up for. So, my thyroid medicine was increased to make up for what is being used up with pregnancy.

We found an indoor swimming pool to use, so exciting! We all love to swim, so I'm sure we'll be there frequently. :)

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