Wednesday, April 7, 2010


My first day off of bed rest has been well. I have to still be very careful as to how much activity I do. I can't do 'walking for exercise' until after the test results, but it has been great to get off of the couch or bed anyways.

I went back to school today, luckily I made a friend last week during the first week, so I didn't miss too much. She emailed me our assignment that was due today so I was able to get that done this morning before class.

This surrogacy process has really sparked my interest career-wise, I am even considering changing my major to biology so that I can maybe become an embryologist. There is still a lot that I would need to do to change directions. I've been working toward a business degree all this time, so I am sure this would add at least an extra year. But as Jay says: it is better to study for something that I know I will enjoy than to have to go back to school later. I guess he is right. At any rate, I am meeting with an advisor on Friday to see what I need to do and how long it will take to get there.

Everything else is going well. :))

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