Sunday, April 4, 2010

The Road to Surrogacy

I wrote this on my Facebook notes on October 22, 2009:

I have been interested in becoming a surrogate mother for quite some time. I have been looking into it for a while, but it wasn't until the last year that I decided that I wanted to be a part of it personally. I am heartbroken and touched by stories of those who cannot conceive or carry children, plus, I can pop out kids like nothing… why let that go to waste?

It was impossible for me to start the process in Japan, but once we arrived in the states I enrolled myself into Oregon Surrogacy Center. The application process was insane!! There was so much paperwork for me and Jay to fill out for extensive background checks and such. We have been waiting to hear back from the center since July, but it wasn't until last week that we received the call.

A couple in Eugene loved my profile and wanted to talk to me further. 'The Smiths' are probably the fairytale super couple -- just missing the little ones running around. After our phone conversation we decided to meet in person. We met and talked for almost two hours on Sunday. It was amazing, the instant we met I knew in my heart that I wanted to give the ultimate gift to this very deserving couple.

After our meeting they explained that they had another meeting with a different surrogate and that they would get back to us when they decided. Understandable! Well, after 2 hours I received a call from the surrogacy center telling me that The Smiths didn't need to think about it, they were cancelling their second meeting, and wanted me to carry their children. (They want to try for twins). I was so happy and excited; all I could do was cry! The emotions that ran through me at that moment were so unbelievable.... I can't even describe it.

So, here we are, waiting to start this long process. I know that this is a long road and that there will be some bumps, but I will stay positive and strong through it all. I am blessed with the best support system ever.... a loving husband, two wonderful kids, and the best family and friends I could ask for.

Some may wonder how I could carry a baby for nine months and let it go, but the answer is simple: the child will not be mine; I am helping an amazingly awesome couple complete their family. I am helping make their dream of having a child or children come true. What will be more beautiful to witness than a mother holding her precious newborn baby after living so long believing it was impossible?

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