Sunday, April 4, 2010

An Important Journey

I decided that I need a place to write so that I can keep track of each step in this incredible journey. I love to read other blogs from surrogate mothers so I figured that others may enjoy my journey as well.

Tomorrow is the big transfer date, April 5, 2010!!! It is so exciting and hard to believe that everything we have done in the past six months has led up to this moment. Words cannot express how happy I am for tomorrow. My confidence in the success of the transfer is high, but I don't want to jinx it! :) I just received a call from A&M (the IPs), they are so sweet!!! I have absolutely no doubt in my mind that the both of them will be the best parents. I couldn't be more happy or excited for them, well, besides when I see them through all the major developments of the pregnancy. (ultrasound, movement, birth) that will be great! ....

I have survived quiet well with the shots so far, up until yesterday. This major knot from the Progesterone in oil(PIO) developed last night because the POI wasn't fully absorbed into the muscle. At least, that is what I have concluded from reading various websites and blogs. I was scared for today's injections being both estrogen and progesterone, but they went as well as usual. :)

I will be on bed rest for 48 hours after tomorrow's transfer so I will update then. I am so blessed to have my family, they are so supportive. My husband has done so much for me, always there to talk away my fears, help me prepare for this, and has arranged to stay home to take care of everything while I'm on bed rest. He also does my injections for me, which I am sooo grateful for! He's the best. :)

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