Saturday, April 10, 2010

Coffee Beans

Saturdays are great, we wake up at our time and just have a laid back, relaxing day. Usually Sundays we get up early for church and spend the rest of the day preparing for the week ahead.

When I quit caffeine on the 1st of January, my hubby couldn't join me. I wouldn't want him to even if he wanted it becuase Jay without coffee is like a mother bear protecting her young... you just don't want to come into contact with either of them. I have been pretty 'whatever' when it comes to him buying his coffee so when he found this ginormous bag of whole bean coffee from Costco, he couldn't refuse. But as time went on I've noticed that he has been neglecting to make his morning coffee. This morning was one of those times... I've just now realized that it is because he is too lazy to ground his coffee beans. He is so funny! I don't like to see him suffer tho, so I grounded up the whole ginormous bag so that he wouldn't have to do without. Needless to say, he was happy and appreciative. :)

The kids have been bickering all day, well it is only 1:30, but I hope that it stops. We were planning to go to the movies, but we will go tomorrow as long as they change their attitudes. Instead, we are going geocaching for a bit. :)

Happy weekend! :)

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