Sunday, April 18, 2010


What a weekend! So much activity makes me sleepy. I was going to update last night, but fell asleep at 7. We went to the zoo yesterday for Packy the elephant's 48th birthday, it was a blasty blast! We love the zoo, always so much to see and each trip is so different from the last. Plus, walking around that place allows for a great deal of exercise -- can't beat that. :)

We took a few pictures while waiting for Packy to eat his cake, but we didn't get pictures of him because it was way too crowded. That place was packed!

I was so surprised at how many pregnant ladies we out! I guess I never noticed them too much, but now that I am one of them, they stick out more. I had to wonder how many of them were IVF babies or how many were IVF Surro babies...

I've had some sickness triggered by a few things lately. I've been lucky so far to not have too much morning sickness, but when I have mint or onions, my stomach gets sooo queasy. I can live without onions, I do love red onions on sandwiches and salads, but mint, I just can't do without. Brushing my teeth and chewing gum are things that I always do. One of my fears is bad breath.... who wants to have nasty mouth? I did cut out Listerine because that is just too minty strong.

We are going to OMSI later this afternoon and more than likely going out caching. Such a beautiful weekend! :)

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